1929 Mack AC 51/2 Ton Medium Duty Dump

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The Mack is one of those projects that you probably only want to tackle once in a lifetime.  But what a truck!  Read on for the whole saga and keep coming back as I will be updating progress on a regular basis

These pages are all about the history, purchase, shipping and restoration of a 1929 Mack AC "Bulldog" dump truck, the truck that, to a large extent, built the USA.  The challenge of restoring something like this, especially when you are doing so on the other side of the Atlantic, is immense.  But it is an incredible truck, and must have been a fine tool in its day.
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The Mighty Mack, in originalk and unrestored condition in November 2008

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Image Gallery

A full photographic record of the stages of this restoration is available by clicking the RustyTrucks area of photobucket.com.
You will see that not all the photos there are captioned at the moment, but that process is on-going (it takes quite a while!)  In the meantime, if you want to know more about any particular image, then please e-mail me.
Finally, by all means download photos for your own enjoyment, but if you want to use a photo for any other reason, please ask permission first.  Thanks. 

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