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Keeping a classic vehicle on the road and well maintained need not be a chore, as here at Rustytrucks we can do what needs to be done quickly and cost effectively to ensure that you get maximum reliability and enjoyment out of your vehicle. 
Take the opportunity over this winter to give us the vehicle, tell us what needs doing and we'll do the rest!
This section shows some recent examples.

Take this beautiful 1962 MGA for instance, which at the beginning of 2011 came in for an in-depth service, a number of repairs and an MOT.  With those done the owner could enjoy peace of mind (and the car) for the rest of the year.

1962 MGA being prepared for the road

One of the tasks was to retrieve a lost (and rare!) gearbox dipstick with a minature camera

Dipstick retrieved....

Up on the lift for a full service and pre-MOT inspection

And a new hub oilseal is fitted

Or how about something with two wheels?  Recently purchased having been previously imported back from the USA and restored was this Triumph T12 "Bonneville".  As well as a service a full inspection was undertaken and this lovely bike given a clean bill of health.




Another example is this 1960s Jeep M38A1, with lots of restoration work done but needing recommissioning, rewiring and preparing for MOT



So now is the time to start thinking about getting your old vehicle booked in for a good service, inspection and those niggling repairs that you know need doing. 
Call or email Rustytrucks today, only do it soon because the diary is filling up!

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