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Wally gave me a disc today with a set of photos that he had taken during the stripdown of the Mack engine - so I thought that I would put a page here where I can show the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  As well as the four pics here there are a whole bunch more in a RustyTrucks photo album - just click here or any one of the photos to access the album in a new window.


Generally the engine is a tale of two extremes - the top half is in terrible shape whilst the lower half is excellent.  But the true extent of both can only really be judged once everything is stripped right down and cleaned up


Bearings and lower half components have survived very well indeed du to a combination of lots of very thick oil in the lower half and the fact that the crank was stuck at a particularly helpful angle.


Meanwhile the top half has suffered the ravages of time with lots of rust and damage.  Every one of the cylinder bores is cracked, but these can be salvaged by sleeves.  New pistons and valves will be needed and some clever welding required on many of the cast components


Parts such as the crankshaft however are virtually like new, testament to the incredible engineering of these trucks.  There will be a lot of modern engineering required though before this old Bulldog barks again!

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